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This unique post removal system is designed to take the strain out of removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes: fence posts, street signs, gateposts etc. Popular with fencers and landscapers, this fence puller can:

  • Extract posts with heavy concrete footings in minutes
  • Offer 4000kg pulling force
  • Extract footings with up to 600mm diameter
  • No digging is required – saves hours of backbreaking work
  • Remove broken or rotten posts with the special claw attachment

Post Puller

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  • How to remove a post using the Hydraulic Fence Post Puller

    Set the adjustable handle at the top of the machine spine to the desired height and fit the locking pin.

    Wheel it into position making sure it is central to the post with the post rest close to the post with the arm fully lowered, ensuring the machine is both level and stable, with both front feet resting firmly on the ground (do not operate unless both feet are resting on a firm base).

    Wrap the bottom chain anticlockwise around the post twice, then, making sure the chain is as tight as possible, secure the chain through the slot in the post rest.

    Pull the top chain as tight as possible around the post and secure through the top slot in the post rest.

    Turn the pressure release knob on the pump clockwise until tight and then start to operate the hand pump, checking that the post begins to move when pressure is applied and continue pumping until the post is removed.

    If the post does not continue to move during operation, make sure the post footing is not fowling under the legs of the Hydraulic Fence Post Puller, if this is the case then turn the release screw anticlockwise slowly to release pulling pressure, remove the chain and reposition the machine and start again.

    It is not always necessary to pump the ram all the way to the top, because once the ground seal is broken, the post and footing can usually be removed very easily.

    Make sure that the post is firmly resting on the post rest then pull the handles toward you, taking care to ensure you keep clear of the post as you pull it towards you.

    Tilt the machine over until the machine is resting on its wheels and the post is clear of the hole.

    Turn the Hydraulic Fence Post Puller until the post and footing are clear of the hole, then gently lower the machine to rest on the ground.

    With the machine resting on its base on level ground, turn the pressure release knob slowly anti-clockwise to release pressure, once hydraulic pressure has been released and the chain is slack, whilst supporting the post, remove the chains from the slots and unwrap them from the post (for larger posts a second person may be required to hold the post).

    The post can now be safely removed.

    Push down on the hood to lower the arms to the fully down position, the Hydraulic Fence Post Puller is now ready for use again.